Qualifications (Belts)

Yellow Belt

  • The most basic recognised Lean-6Sigma Qualification level
  • Training traditionally lasts 1.5 days
  • Accreditation may then be by:
    • An Exam or
    • Preferably by running a mentored “Just Do It

Green Belt

  • The level above Yellow Belt
  • It normally requires 4-5 days’ training in either Lean or 6 Sigma, but preferably in both.
  • Competency can be assessed either by:
    • An examination to test the learnings, or
    • Preferably by a mentored project which demonstrates competency in using the tools and delivering benefit.

Black Belt

  • The level above Green Belt
  • A Green Belt may upgrade to Black Belt with a week’s training in both Lean and 6 Sigma, followed by experiential learning.
  • Accreditation is usually achieved either by:
    • A single mentored project to demonstrates competency in using the tools and deliver benefit, or
    • Preferably by a mentored programme up to 2 years of full time work where the candidate can gain much more depth and breadth in applying the knowledge.

Lean-6Sigma Partners LLP can support your deployment by providing training, coaching and mentoring through a certified trainer.