Measure what you want to manage” is a fundamental. If you don’t measure a key issue, how will you know whether you are improving it, and how will your staff know to focus on it?

You probably have Key Performance Indicators in place, but are they really helping drive the right improvements, and right behaviours of your staff?

It is surprising just how much benefit can be delivered by defining the right measures as your key metrics, then focusing on these to deliver rapid improvement.

We can help you:

  • Recognise the measures you really need,
  • Decide how best to capture and display these – electronic data systems may be the ultimate answer, but often white-boards in a work area can provide the staff with ownership and the desire to improve.
  • Provide high level reporting of the key metrics to your customer or internally.  This may take the form of a “Balanced Scorecard” or “Manufacturing Execution System” (MES).