point at laptop screenYou know your business best.  However Lean-6Sigma Services provides diagnostic tools and support to help you improve further.  How?


Does your company or business area suffer from:

  • Difficulties in meeting orders on time?
  • High internal costs?
  • Errors in manufacturing or in processing paperwork?
  • Excess stocks?
  • Extended Waiting Times for people or components?
  • Complex processes?
  • “Hidden Factory” where it isn’t clear what’s happening to peoples’ time?

Then there are opportunities to improve and Lean-6Sigma Services can help you.

Services Offered

  • Diagnostics & Solution Identification – help you identify opportunities for improvement in your business
  • Implementation – working with your teams to implement the changes and ensuring these changes can be sustained to ensure long term benefit.
  • Sustaining the Gains -  ensures the gains made by implementing an improvement are sustained once the Team leaves the scene
  • Metrics - help you identify and report the key metrics that will drive the right behaviours in your business
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring – providing tailored Lean and 6 Sigma training to your staff using your own data and work-based examples

We can provide tailored Lean and 6 Sigma training to your staff using your own data and work-based examples:

1.Training the industry-standard Lean & 6Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt approach.
2.Coaching and mentoring of Yellow Belts, Green Belts and Black Belts to help convert their theoretical understanding into practical capability.
3.Training Lean & 6 Sigma methodologies, Change Management and Project Management
4.Training groups in specific tools (this may be as part of a wider improvement programme)